Review Audi Peak Line

Founded Audi cars which appeared in 1909 in Germany Horch August After identifying his past, "Horch" named himself, and had to work the same in the same year. But it was also supposed to use the trademark for his company of old, did not prevent him from starting the company of people.The former partner, and won the case, Horch was forced to put a new address for his new company.

Has confidence in this area, Ken Franz Franz Paul apartment to discuss his friend Char new identity for the company with the son of Franz in the next room had just held a briefing at the company. Audi, and we recommend that you select the Latin for hearing children of German Horch. I love all the members of the advisory group, since renamed the new company, we decided to use.

In 1932, Audi, sooner or later, Horch to form a coalition means, a former Organization, and founder of the Wanderer merged with the DKW cars and vehicles. This led to the merger represents the emblem of a four-cylinder four brands. During this period, but using the emblem of the United Race car is now only much more widely known as the Audi badge.

Second across the whole world, as the factory stopped production after the war until it is used in the military, the company is in a position to take their business. In 1949, the cars start of the new coalition, Ingolstadt, in Bavaria. Nearly a decade later, the company has received interest from wealthy investors for good luck, and Daimler-Benz factory new car to support the college finals, became the new owner of the car of the Union. Under new ownership, the company changed its name as the Audi.

In 1964, acquired the Volkswagen Group 50% of the business, and bought the entire production of the Audi factory Ingolstadt of the Volkswagen Group in the end.